DA retains Ward 5 with a resounding victory

The DA stronghold of Ward 5 in Humansdorp proved unassailable for all opposition candidates as Wilma Coenraad claimed a resounding victory for the party in yesterday’s by-election.

In addition to winning the ward, the DA showed strong growth in Vaaldam, which traditionally was an ANC dominated voting station.

The DA received the majority of the vote at the Kruisfontein Civic voting station, with voters clearly signifying that the Kouga Municipality is moving in the right direction under DA governance.

The actual results were:

DA 763
ANC 612
Independent 517
Spoilt ballots 21

Total vote 1921

Registered voters 3622
Voter turnout 53,03 %

The continual erosion of support for the ANC on both a national and local level was again highlighted in the ward 5 by-election as the party struggled to get more votes than an independent candidate.

“We appreciate the vote of support from Ward 5 and will continue with our mandate of delivering services to all the residents of Kouga,” said Mayor Elza Van Lingen.

“After decades of mismanagement, there is still a lot of work to be done in Kouga but we are on the right track and will turn the Municipality into a world class organisation that serves the people.

Congratulations to Councillor Wilma Coenraad. I know she will do a great job representing the people of Ward 5 and will make a positive contribution to Council,” added Van Lingen.

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