New plan to maintain gravel roads in Kouga

Kouga has rolled out a new maintenance plan for gravel roads across the region.

Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen said many of the municipality’s gravel roads were in a shocking condition following years of neglect.

“The municipality does not own its own grader. We have, however, set aside funds to hire a grader, which will be used from town to town to grade those roads most in need of attention,” she said.

Kouga has a total of 87,5km of municipal gravel roads of which almost half is in Humansdorp.

Kruisfontein has almost 33km of gravel roads while KwaNomzamo has just more than 8km.”

“We have already started grading roads in Kruisfontein and aim to move to KwaNomzamo by December,” she said.

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One Response to “New plan to maintain gravel roads in Kouga”

  1. Mari Bothma Says:

    Dit is goeie nuus. Ek sal graag wil weet wanneer die haglike toestaand van Johan Muller in Paradysstrand aandag gaan kry …. dit is regtig baie erg. Ons dink al daaraan om ons huis te verkoop omdat ons die strate nie meer.kan hanteer nie.

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