Kouga declares war on waste

The first of 15 litter-picking trolleys were deployed in Jeffreys Bay last week.

At the roll-out of the new litter-picking trolleys were (from right) Social Services portfolio councillor Daniel Benson, Mayor Elza van Lingen, Cleansing and Parks superintendent Edo Madatt, foreman Zane Ramesi and the all-women team who will be leading the war on waste at Jeffreys Bay.

Kouga Mayor Elza van Lingen said the trolleys, bearing the recently unveiled “Keep Kouga Clean” branding, will be used in various litter hotspots across town, including the central business district.

“Once the initiative has been rolled out successfully at Jeffreys Bay, our cleansing teams in our other towns will also be armed with trolleys,” she said.

“Not only will the trolleys enable our litter-picking staff to perform their duties more efficiently, the branding will also serve as a regular reminder to citizens that we all have a part to play in keeping our towns clean.”

The roll-out of the trolleys follows on the billboard awareness campaign which was launched by the municipality last month in conjunction with Spar stores at Jeffreys Bay, Humansdorp, Hankey and St Francis Bay, as well as BuildIt.

A total of seven billboards and 46 litter-picking trolleys have been secured for Kouga’s war on waste through this sponsorship.

“A clean Kouga is in everyone’s best interest. Awareness campaigns such as these are very important as, the more communities we get on board, the greater our chances of success will be. Together we can make Kouga great again.”


One Response to “Kouga declares war on waste”

  1. Shirley Cowling Says:

    Spending money and effort on litter awareness? when Kouga is under a severe shortage of water? Where are the Kouga Council’s priorities?

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