The time has come to defend our democracy

President Jacob Zuma’s decision to fire the Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, and the Deputy Minister of Finance, Mcebesi Jonas, should be a rallying call for all South Africans to stand together and defend our hard-won Constitutional Democracy.

The President has once again shown that he has no interest in our beloved country’s future – or the 9 million South Africans who are unemployed.

He has bowed to the whims of those who are determined to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor and jobless. This is an act of complete state capture.

We cannot sit by and let this happen. It is time that all South Africans stand together to protect our democracy.

It is Parliament who hired Jacob Zuma and it is Parliament that can fire him.

We therefore urge all political parties, including members of the ANC, to vote President Jacob Zuma out when the DA’s motion of no confidence is debated in the National Assembly.

The time is now. We must stand together and defend what so many fought and died for.

Visit and become a citizen co-sponsor of our Motion of No Confidence in President Zuma.

Mmusi Maimane


2 Responses to “The time has come to defend our democracy”

  1. Dorothy Fourie Says:

    We must all stand United as South Africans and ZUMA MUST FALL

  2. Jackie Thom Says:

    Leave it to his party. Stirring by the rest of us will make them defensive.

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