The ANC does not care about the poorest of the poor

17 million South Africans rely on government social grants to survive.

The ANC-led government pays a company to distribute these grants, and to make sure that every eligible person receives their grant on time every month.

The contract that the government has with this company ends on the 31st of March 2017.

Due to sheer bad management at the least, they have still not put a new contract in place with any service provider to make sure that social grants keep being paid out after 1 April.

This means that next month, 17 million South Africans risk not getting the grant they depend on to survive.

“This is a national disaster. The fact that the ANC government have allowed us to get so close to the end of the social grant contract, and have put no plan in place to make sure social grants keep being paid out, shows just how little the ANC cares for millions of vulnerable South Africans,” said Jonathan Moakes from the Democratic Alliance.

“The DA believes that social grants protect our people from poverty.

This is why we are fighting to hold the ANC to account and make sure that the necessary contracts are put in place in time, so that every South African can get the social grant they need to survive,” added Moakes.


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