Aim for 12kl water per month to avoid punitive tariffs

Households that would like to avoid paying punitive water tariffs should aim to keep their usage at 12kl or less per month.


This is the word from Kouga Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen following the implementation of punitive water tariffs across Kouga from 1 January 2017.

The Mayor said the tariff remained unchanged at R9,23 per kl for the first 12kl used.

“The higher tariffs only come into effect when a household uses more than 12kl per month,” she warned.


3 Responses to “Aim for 12kl water per month to avoid punitive tariffs”

  1. Steyl Roux Says:

    Why do we buy water from the Metro??. Please explain to me how you decided on 12Kl (400l per day) Please explain yourself reservoir levels and dam levels. The dams are within the 2016 limits the reservoir are stable (your own report) We spent thousands on gardens and now they have to die because you said so ??????????????

  2. Ian Watt Says:

    I cannot believe the comment on the 12kl charge. Is this person not aware that there is a severe drought and when the water is used up there will be no water. Unlike Electricity where people fell back on solar, wind power and generators when the power was interrupted there is basically no option to get water. To bottle a one litre bottle of water takes a lot more than one litre of water so bottled water will also come into short supply. The challenge is to try and use less than the 12kl of water. Don’t waste water most families can live well within the limit the problem lies largely in overwatering gardens rather than planting indigenous plants. Be aware water shortages around the world are now a real factor and we have to learn not to be wasteful with this precious resource.

  3. Steyl Roux Says:

    I am totally aware of the drought, only an idiot will not be. Please have a look at the dam levels this year and last year and while you about it look at the capacity of each dam. You will find that the Loerie dam ( that everybody is shouting about ) is actually a puddle compare to Mpofu dam. As far as 12KL per household, What about the big families (say 5members) I would like to see you do washing and cleaning for a big family with 400l per day and I nearly forgot they still have to shower or bath. I have never liked political bad planning costing the people money.

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