Drive safely this December

In the coming weeks, thousands of South Africans will take to the roads for the holidays. Every year, far too many people are killed on the roads and statistics show very little improvement in road deaths during the festive season.


The Minister of Transport, Dipuo Peters, has had very little success in addressing the high number of deaths and seems content to implement poorly thought out campaigns not based on any real intention to provide solutions that will have a real impact on the number of lives lost.

There are some basic steps we can all take to be safe on the roads:

Do not text and drive, text messages can wait;
• Do not drink and drive drinking;
• Do not speed, it is not worth it;
• Use turn signals;
• Buckle up;
• Be vigilant when walking near cars;
• Stop and rest frequently; and
• Drive in shifts.

It is up to each and every one of us to take ownership for road safety. Once each take personally responsibility, deaths on our roads will start reducing. The DA calls on all South Africans to stay safe during this holiday season.

By following these steps, we can all make a difference and ensure we arrive at our destinations safe and sound.


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