Kouga rushes to Makana’s rescue

KOUGA Municipality rushed to the rescue of Makana Municipality over the weekend when a section of Grahamstown was left without electricity.

Kouga Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen said Kouga received the call for help on Sunday afternoon.


“We were told the situation was dire. Makana’s electrical department had by then found the problem, but they did not have the cable joints they needed to do repairs. There was also little chance of them procuring the necessary parts on the Monday,” she said.

“Kouga, on the other hand, had spare cable joints in stock. Our municipal manager arranged for these to be collected by Makana. This enabled them to complete the repairs and restore the power.”

Sarah Baartman District Mayor Eunice Kekana applauded Kouga for helping Makana.

“I hereby submit my word of appreciation for your help to Makana when they were in dire need of help. Again many, many thanks. United we stand, divided we fall,” she wrote in an SMS to Kouga’s Mayor and Speaker.

Both Kouga and Makana are part of the district municipality.

Van Lingen said Makana had undertaken to refund Kouga. Alternatively, they would procure cable joints and replace Kouga’s stock.


2 Responses to “Kouga rushes to Makana’s rescue”

  1. GG Tesselaar Says:

    I hope I am on the correct platform to bring the following matter to the attention of our mayor. I was told by a number of the casual workers that has recently been employed that they still had not been paid because the MM has not had the time to sign their contracts. I thought this type of behavior belonged to the previous management.

  2. marie bothma Says:


    Is julle kantoor vandag oop want ek skakel nou al agt minute en niemand antwoord?



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