AG Report: DA-run Western Cape ahead of the rest

The Auditor General’s (AG) report released today has revealed that the DA-run Western Cape has once again come out on top, for the third consecutive year.

The AG reported that not one Western Cape department received an adverse audit outcome.

da values

Irregular expenditure has also decreased from R 124 million to R 28 million.

This is in stark contrast to the audit findings from the ANC-run provinces, and where large amounts of irregular expenditure where identified. The worst being:

Mpumalanga – R4 billion was identified as irregular expenditure;
Eastern Cape – R1,2 billion in irregular expenditure;
KwaZulu Natal – R1.8 billion in irregular expenditure; and
Limpopo with R17 million lost to fruitless and wasteful expenditure.

The AG reported that officials lacked the discipline to prepare accurate financial and performance reports throughout the year and also highlighted non-compliance, as well as fruitless, wasteful and irregular expenditure.

This is characteristic of ANC-run governments across the country and is further proof that the ANC cares more about lining cadres’ pockets than the millions of South Africans who are left without access to basic services as a result of perpetual corruption.

The DA will continue to work hard to deliver much-needed services to South Africans where we govern, and we will do so transparently.


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