Zuma must go: Support the motion of no confidence

The Public Protector’s report into State Capture finds evidence of significant wrongdoing, improper influence, conflicts of interest and outright corruption, all pointing directly to President Zuma and his cronies.

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These findings add to the now extensive list of Zuma’s leadership failures, including his meddling in the National Prosecuting Authority to get rid of Pravin Gordhan, his complete lack of leadership in respect of higher education and his government’s corruption and wasteful expenditure that has stolen from the people of South Africa.

Zuma presides over an unemployment crisis where 8.9 million South Africans are unemployed! 3.12 million have joined the ranks of the jobless under his presidency.

President Zuma was previously found to have violated the Constitution by the Public Protector when he made the state pay for the upgrades to his private residence at Nkandla.

And now the Public Protector has found that he has violated the Executive Ethics Code.

The manner in which Jacob Zuma has conducted himself is completely dishonourable and unbecoming of the nation’s President.

Given the scale of his failures and the extensive state capture that has now come to light, which he has allowed and indeed fostered, he cannot continue in office.

The Zuma presidency has been a blight on South Africa – only his removal from office can help repair the damage he has caused.

Parliament will shortly have an opportunity to vote in support of a motion of no confidence in Zuma. This affords Parliament the opportunity to end his disastrous presidency by relieving him of his duties.

Sign this petition if you support the DA’s call for all MP’s, including those from the ANC, to support this motion and remove Zuma from office.

The removal of the President will also dissolve his cabinet and rid South Africa of the corrupt ministers identified by the Public Protector’s report once and for all.

Support the motion of no confidence


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