It’s time for communities to have their say

All residents and stakeholders have been invited to participate in the drafting of a new five-year Integrated Development Plan (IDP) for Kouga Municipality.

St Francis canals

Kouga Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen said the new Council wanted to ensure that everyone had a say in how their communities were governed and developed.

“One way communities can do this, is by participating actively in the IDP process,” she said.

“The IDP is the principal strategic planning tool of a municipality and forms the basis of the budget.

It is, therefore, important that all stakeholders have an input in its compilation.”

She said a series of public meetings would be held in all 15 wards during November and December 2016.

All meetings will start at 6pm. The schedule is as follows:

Ward 1 meets on 7 November at the Oyster Bay Community Hall
Ward 2 meets on 23 November at the Pellsrus Community Hall
Ward 3 meets on 24 November at the Newton Hall
Ward 4 meets on 9 November at the Baptist Church (Baps Hall)
Ward 5 meets on 10 November at the Kruisfontein Community Hall
Ward 6 meets on 14 November at the KwaNomzamo Community Hall
Ward 7 meets on 16 November at the Loerie Community Hall
Ward 8 meets on 30 November at the Newton Hall
Ward 9 meets on 17 November at the Vusumzi Landu Hall
Ward 10 meets on 21 November at the Dan Sandi Hall
Ward 11 meets on 1 December at the Newton Hall
Ward 12 meets on 8 November at the St Francis Village Hall
Ward 13 meets on 22 November at the Weston Community Hall
Ward 14 meets on 5 December at the Pellsrus Community Hall
Ward 15 meets on 15 November at the Humansdorp Country Club.

Enquiries about the IDP meetings and process can be directed to the Manager IDP, Colleen Dreyer, at or 042 200 2143.


One Response to “It’s time for communities to have their say”

  1. Anto Grundling Says:

    Gaan dit verskil van 5 jaar gelede?

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