Council to clamp down on car guards

The days of illegal car guards are drawing to an end in Jeffreys Bay.

At a meeting with car guards at the Jeffreys Bay Police Station it was explained to them that it is illegal to be an unregistered and unqualified car guard in the Kouga.

Jeffreys Bay aloes

“We will facilitate car guards getting the basic security training through PSIRA, so that we can upgrade those who qualify to become sanctioned parking attendants in Jeffreys Bay,” said Kouga Executive Mayor Elza Van Lingen.

Once this process has been completed, any unregistered car guard will be fined R350 for being in contravention of the by-law and risks having to appear in court should they ignore the fine.

“I have instructed the Kouga Law Enforcement to start issuing fines to drunk car guards as an interim measure,” added Van Lingen.

During the meeting at the Police Station, which was attended by the main security companies in Jeffreys Bay, as well as the Kouga Municipality, it was discovered that a car guard can earn between R 80 to R 350 per day.

The feeling amongst the car guards was that they welcome the initiative and that they were happy being allocated a particular zone that they will be held responsible for.

“The Council gets regular complaints about hawkers and car guards and we will find solutions to the problems facing us,” said Van Lingen.

“We will start by ensuring only registered hawkers and parking attendants will be allowed to operate in designated zones in Jeffreys Bay.

“Once the project is up and running in Jeffreys Bay, we will look at expanding it to other towns in Kouga,” she concluded.

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One Response to “Council to clamp down on car guards”

  1. Greg Smith Says:

    What will happen to the “Drunken Car Guards” when they receive a fine. They obviously will be unable to pay the due. Do we have enough prison space or rehabilitation venues to cater for them. To top the matter I’m not sure I want to pay for their incarceration that will inevitably pay for their fine.

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