From the desk of Mayor Elza Van Lingen- 7 October 2016

After forming the Mayoral Committee in August and taking over the Kouga Municipality, a number of issues have been driven from within the Council.

We have discovered a dysfunctional institution, as was expected, with very little management and leadership being shown throughout the organisation.


Financially, we discovered that the PE Metro has been underpaid for water in Humansdorp (R 30 million) and Paradise Beach (R 15 million). Hopefully no other towns have been undercharged but this remains to be seen.

Water losses remain a concern and Cllr Brenton Williams did an inspection of water meters around the Kouga this week and discovered a number of meters that are not working or inaccessible to the water meter readers (which means they are simply not being read) and even some meters that have been bypassed by large consumers of water.

The potential undercharging for water will probably run into the millions of rands.

The long term solution possibly lies in outsourcing this function to a company that can install smart meters and all residents will then buy prepaid water and electricity with electronic monitoring.

The Unions have been engaged in an effort to build relationships with labour and a number of issues have been raised regarding suspensions, arbitration awards, problems with the organigram, officials acting in other positions on a semi permanent basis, contract workers and working conditions.

There are major financial implications involved, and a number of arbitration awards that have been granted against the Municipality that have to be paid.




4 Responses to “From the desk of Mayor Elza Van Lingen- 7 October 2016”

  1. Bev Says:

    Kan ek asseblief ‘n voorstel maak. Kan hierdie nuus nie ook as ‘n weeklikse rubriek in die koerantjies en Think Local gepubliseer word nie. Daar is baie mense wat nie die gerief van internet het nie en baie graag die vordering in ons gebied sal wil volg. Baie dankie Beverley Terblanche

  2. alice de Bruin Says:

    Baie dankie Elza, en stadraadslede vir hierdie inligting! Ons stem saam met Beverly, dat ons meer gereeld van julle wil hoor en kan kommentaar en terugvoer gee!

  3. Carl Trahms Says:

    Wat ek in my besigheid besef is dat ek nie alleen alle besluite kan maak nie en nie my oë en ore oral kan hê nie. Daarom kry jy my persoonlike sell nommer op elke advertensie en nooi ek my kliente uit om my te kontak want dit is al manier hoe ek probleme en behoeftes raak sien. Ek het 6000 eiendome wat by Smhart ingeskakel is en sowat 30000 mense wat dan kliente is. Ek stel voor Kouga ky ‘n e-pos adres wat oral geadverteer word en die publiek uitnooi om voorstelle te maak.

  4. Denise Sharkie Says:

    Is anything going to be done about the roads before the influx of holiday makers in December? They are in a shocking state. Some are so bad that one cannot avoid the potholes!

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