Zupta’s nuclear deal: either we end it or it ends South Africa

Jacob Zuma’s nuclear deal will be disastrous for South Africa.

It will literally bankrupt us, diverting billions of rands from poverty reduction projects, while producing a nuclear white elephant in two decades’ time.

Thyspunt is the preferred site for a proposed Nuclear Power Station

Thyspunt is the preferred site for a proposed Nuclear Power Station

But it will make a lot of money for Zuma, the Guptas and ANC cronies in the short-term and they will be long gone by the time we feel the real pain.

In Parliament last week, Energy Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson confirmed that government is going ahead with the nuclear procurement process and Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown confirmed that information on the process will not be made public.

In other words: “We’re going to tie you into far more debt that you can ever repay, but this is none of your business.”

Last week, a DA-assisted Mail and Guardian investigation has revealed the first concrete signs of corruption associated with the nuclear deal.

A R 171 million contract for the “Nuclear New Build Programme Management System” has been issued, potentially irregularly, to the son of Vivian Reddy, a close friend and ally of President Jacob Zuma.

South Africans should be deeply concerned about the government’s nuclear project. Let’s be clear.

It is in no way motivated by a genuine desire to secure South Africa’s energy future in the most cost effective and sustainable way.

Rather, this huge project is going ahead because Zuma, the Guptas and other ANC elites stand to make millions in bribes and tenders.

Like the Arms Deal, Nkandla and the President’s new jet, there is no intention to use state resources judiciously in order to derive the maximum public benefit.

And like these ill-conceived projects, the nuclear deal will have the ultimate effect of stealing from all of us, but particularly the poor, in order to enrich a small group of connected ANC cadres.

The DA will do everything in our power to stop this deal, because the stakes could not be higher, nor the plan more foolish.


4 Responses to “Zupta’s nuclear deal: either we end it or it ends South Africa”

  1. Manuel Pat Molina Says:

    I do hope for the sake of ALL of us South Africans this Nuclear Project NEVER happens. If it was for the real benefit of ordinary South Africans, then YES, by all means. But just to enrich a few of them dishonest, greedy and selfish corrupt criminals, NO WAY.

  2. Bev Says:

    Go for it DA, this madness must stop!!!!

  3. annette hamann Says:

    I hope DA comes through for south Africans here. When this greed and recklessness going to end?

  4. Lenie Buys Says:

    We cannot allow the government to bind the generation to come to such debt levels.. and that to enrich themselves. Rather invest that into tertiary education please!!! The power levels are now constanrly in the green. Why use nuclear while we have more power in su light and wind than we can utilise!!!

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