Kouga Municipality will not be bullied into Thyspunt

As the newly elected Mayor of Kouga, I was invited to attend a presentation being given by Necsa as Thypunt (which falls within our Municipality) is one of the preferred sites for the construction of a nuclear power station.

Elza Van Lingen, the new Mayor will ensure correct processes are followed in Kouga

Elza Van Lingen, the new Mayor will ensure correct processes are followed in Kouga

However, since taking office on 22 August 2016, I have been unable to find any evidence of any meetings that have taken place between Eskom/Necsa and Kouga Municipality.

Despite my requesting the Municipal Manager, Mr Sidney Fadi, to produce minutes of meetings, nothing has been forthcoming.

The infrastructure of Kouga is seriously dilapidated and the impact of a mega project like Thypunt would have on our infrastructure will be catastrophic, should it be allowed to take place without any terms and conditions being attached.

I also query under which authority Necsa is meeting with Municipalities.

Kouga Municipality will not be bullied into Thyspunt being built and we already noted the findings of the Impact Studies which state, inter alia there will be a negative impact on Tourism in the region, as well as facilitate an influx of people into Kouga.

The schools in Kouga are already at capacity and there are too few clinics, while the Police are under resourced.

Our infrastructure is not coping, with sewage spills the norm and our roads have not been maintained for many years and are riddled with potholes.

Should South Africa go ahead with the nuclear deal, all these issues and more, will have be addressed with Kouga Municipality to ensure our residents do not suffer and have less services at their disposal than before.

Elza Van Lingen

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6 Responses to “Kouga Municipality will not be bullied into Thyspunt”

  1. Mirriam Says:

    I will say it again why is South Africa not listening.Nuclear plant is wrong. When Earthquake hit the country will be doomed.Japan had that problem radiation is still leeking till today.I am here in England they are using Echo way Solar panels and wind turbine where there is wind. They don’t have a problem with power cut.Nuclear after earthquake wil cause chaos black out and radiation not good for humans and animals.

  2. Jennifer Prentice Says:

    And no one can tell me what will happen to the nuclear waste or where it will go or how long it will remain radioactive. We don’t need those!

  3. C Holland Says:

    Nuclear power is not necessary in SA i am sure Solar and wind turbines are the way to go.

  4. The new mayor of Kouga is already making a difference cleaning Sea Vista Says:

    […] Read the Kouga Democrat article if you haven’t already seen it. […]

  5. Marie Says:

    The secrecy started with Energy Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson negotiating with Russian nuclear company Rosatom. South Africa doesn’t need nuclear and cannot afford nuclear. Apart from the massive cost of the infrastructure needed to support this, we don’t want Russian secret enclaves here.

  6. Ethne Davey Says:

    It is hard to believe that with all the sun and wind this country are wanting nuclear. When the rest of the world is moving away from nuclear.

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