Power cut to Pellsrus and Tokyo Sexwale tomorrow

The electricity to a section of Pellsrus and Tokyo Sexwale will be shut down on Wednesday, 24 August, in order for a new mini substation to be connected.

mmusi freedom

The affected area stretches from Dolphin to Haring Street.The shutdown will be from 8am to 4pm.

Residents are reminded to treat all electrical points as live during this time.

The Kouga Municipality apologizes for any inconvenience to residents.


One Response to “Power cut to Pellsrus and Tokyo Sexwale tomorrow”

  1. C Says:

    Where can I buy electricity, because my banks option to buy electricity was cancelled more than a year ago by the municipality cancelling assistance from that specific provided. I would like response with regards to where online I can buy electricity or when will Kouga start again to suuply electricity through that provided ?

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