We have won Kouga

After coming very close to winning Kouga in 2011, where the DA won 14 seats in Council, to the ANC’s 15; this time around, the voters gave the DA a clear mandate to govern for the next five years with 17 – 12 majority.

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“We are ecstatic about winning Kouga for the sake of the people and would like to thank the voters for putting their trust in the DA to govern the Municipality and to deliver a better life for all, said Elza Van Lingen who will become the new Mayor of Kouga.

“There is a lot of hard work to be done in Kouga due to the years of neglect our towns have suffered.

Our voters realise that the problems are not going to be solved overnight, but that corruption has come to an end in and they have voted in a government that cares and is committed to service delivery and the creation of a Municipality that serves its citizens.

We want to clean up our towns and get rid of the rubbish that is strewn around and creating a neglected look to Kouga due to an ANC government that has been incharge for far too long.

We will engage with the community and develop an Integrated Development Plan (IDP) that is aligned with the Kouga budget and which will prioritise the infrastructural shortcomings that face our Municipality.

The sewage spills all over Kouga, roads that are riddled with potholes and informal settlements that have no basic services all need to be addressed in the short term to ensure a better life for all our residents, and to attract investors back into the area, considering Kouga has the third strongest economy after the two metros.

Our assets like the JBay Winterfest will be supported to ensure tourists return to our towns and ensure growth in the tourism industry that will ultimately lead to more jobs being created.

Voters have voted for a new government and we will bring much needed change that will move Kouga forward again.

We would like to thank voters for giving us a chance to create jobs, deliver better services, and stop corruption” said Van Lingen.


15 Responses to “We have won Kouga”

  1. D. Barnard Says:

    Well done. Now put your money where your mouth is. Show the people that you are serious about solving all or most problems.

  2. Zola Says:

    Please do as you promise,DA is the best don’t let the people down.service delivery to the people.ViVa DA ViVa

  3. Joan Rossouw Says:

    Hi Elza,I am very glad and proud for the DA. You won’t remember me,but we once sat together(that time we were Kouga Civics) to take Kouga to higher levels. I hope that you with,I believe your committed,strong team will take Kouga to a much higher level. Congratulations,there are a lot of hard work!

  4. Booysen H.G. Says:

    Congretulations to you my party.It took as a long time to come where we are today, but it is our time know.I hope will look at our streets,roads and to create jobs for our people.
    For myself is to tare my street which are about 500 meters long.Please.

  5. CHRIS Says:


  6. Carl Trahms Says:

    All we need now is a security company that can take control of the crime in our town

  7. Neville Green Says:

    now…DA must take this opportunity to make
    good on their promises and show the people what can be achieved

  8. BONITA Says:


  9. celiwe Says:

    We really are ecstatic as well and are on board to assist this organization to be better n stronger day by day. We put our trust on the DA to elaminate all the social ills caused by the corrupt government of the ANC. IF U DELIVER ON UR PROMISES, NOTHING CAN STAND INFRONT OF US TO WIN THE NATIONAL ELECTIONS!!! WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

  10. Duifie Barnard Says:

    Nie in eie krag nie, but by the grace of God. Ek wens julle seen en voorspoed toe met die groot werk wat wag. Onthou Rome was not built in one day. Elke dag met geduld en deursettingsvermoë sal die wa deur die drif kry. Hou net by al die beloftes. Sterkte

  11. elroy Says:

    you have your chance now show the people deliverence

  12. Anthea Kortje' Says:

    The D A , is the Party which is compenent of Service Delivery.Well done!!!

  13. Anthea Kortje' Says:

    The DA is the Party,which is compenent of Service Delivery.No doudt about that.DA all the way.

  14. GERALD Says:

    As a Wcape recipient of excellent DA services &management, I have full trust in them to start improving conditions in Kouga. WELL DONE DA workers and activists.

  15. Bruce du Plessis Says:

    Let’s make Kouga a little Western Cape. We need visual service delivery in the next 2 years to retain power. Congratsulations and good luck to the new electorate. We stand behind you. Be strict and ethical. Viva DA.

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