Its D-Day for Kouga – make sure you vote

3 August has arrived and is set to become a historical day for the residents of Kouga Municipality.

voting day

The DA started planning and campaigning for this Municipal election ever since the 2014 National and Provincial election when the DA won the majority of the votes in Kouga.

Our supporters have backed us all the way and for the first time ever, the DA had a sizable budget to work with to win this election.

Our aspirant candidates, activists and Councillors have worked hard in the build up to this day and we are very thankful for all of them.

All that is left is for every voter to visit their voting station today and become part of the historic occasion when the DA took over Kouga and stops corruption in its tracks, takes care of the infrastructure and creates a better life for all.

Viva DA Viva!!!!


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