Kouga – A municipality that offers opportunity

Access to opportunity provides people with a chance to improve their lives.

In order to provide opportunity for all people, there must be an environment where businesses want to invest, where entrepreneurship can thrive and where government is supportive and enabling.

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DA local governments are committed to creating enabling business environments where there is freedom to innovate.

Skills development and facilitating access to opportunities for people seeking employment is an important feature of this environment.

In 2016, we inherited a Municipality with thousands of people who did not have jobs, the majority being young South Africans.

Crumbling streets, sewage spills and a lack of investment into the tourism industry resulted in fewer people visiting the Kouga on vacation or investing in the region.

After five years being led by the DA in government, the Kouga has become the local holiday destination of choice.

The Municipality created an environment that was conducive for investment by upgrading the Infrastructure and and offering incentives for job creation.

It invested into the existing tourism assets like the beaches, festivals and positioned itself as the Gateway to the Garden Route – an initiative with bordering DA ran municipalities.

Fair opportunity was offered in the EPWP and projects were identified to benefit the entire community.

Skills development has benefited the jobless and more people are employed in the Kouga than ever before.

Doing business in Kouga is easy.

Government has reduced and streamlined red-tape and regulations.

It collaborates with business forums and provides entrepreneurs and informal traders with infrastructure and training to thrive.

Freedom – Fairness – Opportunity – that is what you will be voting for on 3 August.


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