Kouga residents deserve a Municipality that cares

A caring Municipality is close to its residents and ensures that when community members engage with government, they are heard.

Mounds of refuse are piled up all over Kouga

Mounds of refuse are piled up all over Kouga

The Municipality listens to its communities, is responsive to their needs, is accountable to them and dedicated to ensuring fairness and providing more opportunity.

This means making sure that all residents can easily communicate their concerns and matters of importance.

Vulnerable members of a caring Municipality are supported to access a better quality of life.

Engaging with a caring Municipality is easy and comfortable; people feel welcome and trust that their interests are looked after.

When the DA took over Kouga things were a lot different. The municipality’s streets were dirty and quality services were not provided consistently to all residents.

Politicians did not engage residents. The public were not given opportunities to attend important council meetings and had no say in how their money was being spent.

After 3 August, since taking power, the DA has turned things around. The municipality cares for the all people who live in it. More people than ever before have access to good quality and dignified sanitation.

Everybody works together to clean the city and innovative recycling initiatives are providing job opportunities to residents. Every household benefits from weekly refuse removal.

People know who their Mayor and Councillors are and trust that their concerns will be listened to. They can see how tenders are awarded and how the municipality takes decisions.

Title deeds to RDP houses have been given to the recipients and provincial services like health, education, transport and justice have all improved.

By-Laws are enforced and waste is managed efficiently.

A Coastal Management Plan has ensured that the beaches are pristine and attract tourists from all the world.

The Municipality communicates with the residents through functioning ward committees, better use of social media and the Municipal website.

Sports and recreational facilities are well maintained and functional and play parks as well as the Nature Reserves are utilized by locals and tourists alike.

This is the change the DA can bring to the Kouga.


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