We can win on 3 August

This election is make or break for South Africa.

mmusi vote for change

The polls are showing that we are neck-and-neck with the ANC in the big metros of Johannesburg, Tshwane and Nelson Mandela Bay. These are SA’s economic powerhouses. It’s going to be close, but we can win these cities.

And if we do, we will turn them around like we have turned Cape Town around.

It will not only make an enormous difference to the daily lives of millions of urban South Africans, but it will also put the DA in a position to kick-start our flagging economy. And it will give us the momentum we need to get into national government in 2019.

In each of these three metros, it may come down to a handful of votes like it did in Cape Town in 2006, when the DA got the slimmest foot in the doorway by forming a seven party coalition.

Back then Cape Town’s future hung by the most tenuous of threads, but those few thousand extra votes ultimately translated into the enormous gains we have made since then and will continue to make in the coming years – at a greater pace, now that we have built up such momentum.

That is why every registered voter who wants to get South Africa moving forward again needs to vote for the DA on 3 August. So, please help us to make sure every single DA voter gets to the polls.

We need every single one of their votes.

If every DA supporter does actually vote for us, then we will emerge victorious on 4 August, and we will start building Johannesburg, Tshwane and Nelson Mandela Bay into truly world-class cities.

mmusi hankey 3

The DA is the only party in South Africa today that is committed to achieving Madiba’s vision of a united, prosperous South Africa, grounded on a respect for the values enshrined in our Constitution.

And we are strong enough and big enough to win this fight. But the race is a very close one. This is nimble David versus bloated Goliath.

We have a track record, both in opposition and in government, to prove our commitment and capacity to achieve this mission. The DA is a tremendous force for good in SA – both as the official opposition and as the governing party in the Western Cape and in a growing number of cities and towns across the country.

In government, we have improved the lives of the poor, grown the economy, and cut corruption. Cape Town’s unemployment rate is 14.6 percentage points below the national average.

The Auditor General reported last month that not a single rand was lost to corruption, while Stats SA and Good Governance Africa confirmed that DA governments lead in service delivery.

The choice next week is clear: the ANC stands for corruption, the EFF for chaos.

Only the DA is capable of delivering change that cuts corruption, grows the economy, and takes our country forward again.

In four days’ time we can make history, but only with your vote.

Help us make history on 3 August by voting DA. Ke Nako, it is time!


Mmusi Maimane


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  1. Blaine Says:

    This was lovely to reaad

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