A DA ran Kouga will be a Forward Thinking Municipality

A forward thinking Municipality takes the dreams and aspirations of its residents to heart.

wind turbines

Multi-generational planning, that leaves a legacy for our children and for theirs, is key to this. It is only possible when leaders think and plan beyond their term of office.

A forward thinking Municipality addresses the challenges of our society proactively, innovatively and sustainably.

This includes ensuring abundant, safe and affordable energy.

Household are encouraged to utilise alternative energy sources and to harvest rainwater by installing rain water tanks.

Green areas are preserved and more nature reserves are proclaimed.

Internet hot spots are created to ensure all residents have access and can communicate via the Web.

Planning and ensuring the Municipality is ready for the provision of services to the possible multi billion rand Thyspunt Nuclear Power Plant.

Municipalities invested in the future build towards a society that is connected, where people and information move freely and where all people can access opportunities to improve their lives, and the lives of their children.

Before 2016 Kouga was struggling to get the basics right and did not plan for future generations. Communities suffered from constant water outages, high levels of water losses due to decaying infrastructure, and regular power cuts.

Under a DA controlled Council, Kouga, will secure a bright future for its residents and its future generations.

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