The DA’s vision for Kouga

A DA led Kouga will provide opportunity for all its residents to receive quality service delivery and become economically active.

Jeffreys Bay aloes

Good governance will attract investors and tourists to the Kouga, which will in turn lead to job creation, an increase of income for the Municipality and better maintenance of our infrastructure.

To reach this point, the DA had to turn things around in the beginning; people didn’t have opportunities, too few people had access to dignified services and money was wasted by politicians.

This vision will be built upon the following pillars:

  1. An OPPORTUNITY municipality
  2. A CARING Municipality
  3. A SAFE Municipality
  4. An INCLUSIVE Municipality
  5. A FORWARD THINKING Municipality
  6. A WELL-RUN Municipality

Follow the Kouga Democrat over the next week as we explain our Manifesto in more detail with the voters of Kouga.



One Response to “The DA’s vision for Kouga”

  1. Krisjan Munnicks Says:

    I teally want to express my appreciation towards the Newly Constituted DA lead Local Government in the Kouga Region for sharing such valuable information to me ireally looking forward to participate in opportunities arising within our Region

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