The DA is the Only Choice to Move Kouga Forward Again

South Africa made progress after 1994. But now, corruption and empty promises are holding us back from achieving Nelson Mandela’s dream.

mmusi desmond

We need change to start moving forward again and build the country we know South Africa can be.

On 3 August, we all face a choice. We can either choose more corruption, empty and broken promises, poor service delivery and high unemployment.

Or we can choose the radical change that DA-run local governments can bring. Our governments will be honest and responsive, will stop corruption, provide better services, and work hard to create many more jobs and opportunities for all.

The choice we will make will mean so much for our future. It will be a brave choice because there are those that say we must always vote a certain way.

But Madiba dedicated his life so that we have the right to vote and choose change.

So on 03 August, vote for change that stops corruption, brings better services and creates jobs.

Vote DA….Vote for change in Kouga!


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