Its time for Kouga residents to believe again

3 August 2016 is shaping up to be one of the most important days in the history of Kouga.

hankey blue

It’s time to believe again. Its time to believe that the incredible natural assets within the Kouga will bring the prosperity the region deserves.

And its time to have hope again in the South Africa that Nelson Mandela dedicated his life towards achieving.

A South Africa with honest municipal governments, better services and more jobs and opportunities. A South Africa where elected councilors are honest, and work hard every day for their communities.

The DA is that hope. The DA is the change we need to move forward again in the our municipality.

The Democratic Alliance in Kouga will work hard for you and your family to deliver over the next five years.

If we fail, then vote us out at the next election. We can only bring change to our municipality if every DA supporter turns out and votes on Election Day.

So on 3 August, make history and vote for change that stops corruption, brings better services and creates jobs.

Vote for change and vote DA.


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