All systems go for Municipal elections

With the 2016 Municipal Elections just around the corner on 3 August, the Electoral Commission (IEC) says all logistical preparations are on track.

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Special votes

The IEC has received 741 720 applications for special votes in the 2016 Municipal Elections – more than three times the number received in 2011 and nearly twice that received in 2014.

Of the 741 720 applications received, 719 225 were approved. This includes 315 597 (44%) applications for home visits and 403 628 (56%) applications to cast a special vote at the voting station.

Just over 1 200 special votes have been approved in Kouga.

Special votes will be cast on 1 and 2 August. Election officials will visit the addresses provided by voters who applied for home visits at some point over these two days.

They will only visit the address once. If the voter is not present, they will not be able to cast a special vote. These voters ought to be home as home visits are reserved for those largely unable to travel.

Those who applied to cast a special vote at their voting station must do so between 8 am and 5 pm on Monday 1 August or Tuesday 2 August. These are different from the voting hours of 7am to 7pm on Election Day.

A voter whose application for a special vote was approved but who for whatever reason was unable to cast a special vote may still cast their ballot at their voting station on Election Day.

The Electoral Commission said the increase in applications for special votes is an encouraging sign of significant voter interest in the 2016 Municipal Elections.

It said this is also a reflection of the simplification and accessibility of the application process, which for the first time allowed voters to apply online and via SMS.

Over 95 000 (approximately 13%) applications were received online and over 208 000 via SMS (approximately 28%).

Special votes were available for all registered voters including disabled, infirm and pregnant voters as well as members of the security forces, election officials, the media and any other voters, who are unable to visit their voting station on Election Day 3 August 2016.

The special voting process is subject to all the same security and integrity protocols of normal voting – including scrutiny by party agents and observers – along with additional checks including a double envelope system, which allows the special votes to be reconciled against the voters’ roll and special vote application system but still protects the secrecy of the voter’s ballot.

All special votes collected are stored securely overnight on 1 and 2 August – and are then opened, reconciled and added to the ordinary ballots cast on 3 August before counting begins.


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