South Africans want jobs, not jets

If you think Nkandla was a huge waste of our money, Nkandla is a picnic compared to what the government is planning to spend on Zuma’s luxurious new jet.

mmusi vote for change

This jet, ‘Nkandla Air’, is going to cost in the region of R4 billion – equivalent to 16 Nkandlas!

Our economy is in meltdown. Instead of growing, our economy is in fact shrinking. There are 8.9 million unemployed adults in South Africa – 5.9 million under the age of 35. And things are set to get worse.

Unless we make some bold changes, there will soon be over 9 million unemployed people with over 6 million of them being young people.

The simple fact of the matter is, we cannot afford a new jet. SA cannot afford a new jet for the president while 8.9 million South Africans are jobless and cannot afford to provide for themselves and their families.

We can’t afford a new jet and we can’t afford a president and a government that doesn’t realise this, or doesn’t care.

The DA’s message to Jacob Zuma is clear: South Africans want jobs, not jets.

With R4 billion we could pay for over 160 000 one-year internships for young South Africans.

With R4 billion we could pay for over 600 000 EPWP 3-month work opportunities for jobless South Africans.

Or we could support 80 000 new entrepreneurs with a R 50 000 start-up grant each.

Or we could fund 53 000 full NFSAS bursaries to cover fees, accommodation, transport and textbooks for young South Africans.

On 3 August, it is our turn to tell Jacob Zuma what we want. And we want jobs, not jets. It’s our money and it’s our democracy and ultimately, we get to make the decision.

Vote DA for CHANGE that stops corruption, delivers better services, and creates jobs. This is the CHANGE that we need to move South Africa forward again.


Mmusi Maimane


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