The DA is in it to win it in Kouga

When one goes into an election, you go in to win it.  In soccer you plan to win the match. You do not plan to win the penalty shootout!

Democratic Alliance Kouga

In the Kouga,  the DA is going for an outright majority.  Our Leader Mmusi Maimane has made it clear that no negotiations have been made with any party for coalitions.

The ACDP in Kouga first attacked the DA on our policies in an attempt to gain votes for the ACDP. Now they want to piggyback onto the DA.

A vote for the ACDP is not a vote for the DA, it is actually a vote to favour the position of the ANC.

The Kouga electorate has already made it clear in the media, that the 2016 election is all about voting for good governance and service delivery.

The stance of the community is to not divide the vote again in the 2016 elections at the cost of a limited number of votes to a smaller party that could cost the DA seat in council.

“The latest desperate attempt by Cheryllyn Dudley MP ACDP, is merely to solicit votes for the ACDP.  

The DA had to force the ADCP to fire the ACDP councillor in Swellendam because he voted with the ANC. So the ACDP statement is not really correct.

There is no co-operation of any kind negotiated.  So a vote for the ACDP is not going to make the “DA Better”. In fact this is nothing less than cheap political tactics,” said DA Mayoral candidate Elza Van Lingen.  

“Our values and principals of Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity are clear.  We call on all voters in Kouga to vote for change to save Kouga,” added Van Lingen.


One Response to “The DA is in it to win it in Kouga”

  1. Barry Bell Says:

    Hello, One cannot access this website because of the full stop between kouga and democratic it must read like this
    I have tried to notify for the past 6 weeks but it is not resolved.
    Regards Barry Bell

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