Zuma to pay back R 7.8 million

National Treasury has determined that President Jacob Zuma must personally pay back R 7.8 million to the people of South Africa for the benefit he unduly accrued via non-security upgrades to his Nkandla homestead.


The fact that Zuma is now legally obliged to pay back a portion of the money spent at Nkandla is to be welcomed.

However, paying back the money does not mean the original corruption is forgotten. This is not the end of the road for Jacob Zuma and his corrupt cronies; it has only just begun.

We can not forget that more than R 250 million of public money was wasted at Nkandla. This figure of R 7.8 million amounts to just over 3% of the total spent.

The South African people were defrauded by President Zuma and all those implicated in the Nkandla saga, and it is now time he pays back all the money used to upgrade his personal mansion.


2 Responses to “Zuma to pay back R 7.8 million”

  1. N. Dyer Says:

    I’m sure the Gupta’s will have problem ‘arranging’ payment for him. An insult that he is required to pay a pittance!

  2. GG Tesselaar Says:

    I am sure the Receiver will be watching this space with great interest????

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