Shutting Down Corruption in Kouga Municipality

Corruption in municipalities often involves the theft or wastage of public funds.

mmusi desmond

Funds that are meant for much-needed infrastructure and service delivery. Services that are needed, and many have been waiting for.

We can either choose the status quo of corruption, empty and broken promises, poor service delivery and high unemployment.

Or we can choose the radical change that honest and responsive DA-run local governments’ can bring.

  • We will establish an effective system to process complaints and to report corruption.
  • Appoint all government staff fairly, based on the value that they add.
  • Exclude councillors and other public representatives from the EPWP recruitment.
  • We will ensure that all housing opportunity lists are fair and transparent.
  • The DA will also open up the tender process at the adjudication stage to stop corruption, and open up council meetings to public scrutiny – as we believe we are servants of the public.

The DA will strive to halt corruption and will manage the Kouga effectively!


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