The hero’s of 1976 – we honour you

Forty years ago, on 16 June 1976, brave youngsters stood up against injustice and fought for a prosperous future – not just for themselves, but for the generations to come.

hector pieterson

On this historic anniversary, we must honour this bravery and courage and never forget what this meant for the democracy we cherish today.

We should also use this important occasion to reflect on how far we have come in realising the future that so many fought and died for.

For many young people today, life is getting harder. The progress made after 1994 has stalled and our beautiful country is no longer heading in the right direction.

There are now 8.9 million South Africans who do not have a job. The majority of these are people are under the age of 35.

Without a job, young South Africans will remain trapped in a cycle of poverty. They are robbed of dignity and hope.

The best way to honour the legacy of 1976 is to bring real change to the lives of this generation.

This requires creating opportunities for them to realise their full potential.

The DA will this week honour the past, by committing ourselves to creating jobs for young South Africans.

This is the real change that South Africa and its youth need to move forward again.


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