Lets stick to the facts – 2016 Election is all about service delivery

There is lots of propaganda doing the rounds at the moment in the Kouga. Most people can see through it but for those who are considering changing their vote due to assertions of minority parties, lets consider the following:

The water in upper Wavecrest. Nothing will change if there is no change in government in the Kouga Council

The water in upper Wavecrest. Nothing will change if there is no change in government in the Kouga Council

1) South Africa has one of the best constitutions in the world. It protects your right to be a Christian.
It protects your right to own land.
It protects your right NOT to have an abortion.
It protects your right to speak Afrikaans
It protects your right to trade, have a profession and or an occupation
It protects your right to education.
It protects your right to freedom of association.

Many of the points raised in favour of the FF+ in “16 Vinnige feite”, are in contravention of the very constitution that is protecting YOUR rights and freedoms.

The Democratic Alliance holds the constitution to be the highest law in the land and will fight to protect the rights that have mentioned above and the many other rights and freedoms that ALL people in South Africa have according to OUR constitution.

2) Misleading Statements in the article “16 Vinnige feite”

a) Supports working together with the EFF. In the FF+ column, it says Nee/No and in the DA column, it says Ja/Yes, when in reality, just recently, on 5 June, both the EFF AND the FF+ decided together with the DA, not to attend one of Jacob Zuma’s speeches.

b) Lewer gratis dienste aan nie betaalers. In the DA column, it says Ja/Yes and in the FF+ it says Nee/No.

FF image

Does the FF+ realize that that means that every pensioner registered as indigent, including all those people living in the Municipal flats in places like Rustenburg and all the people who are currently unemployed will no longer have access to any water or electricity, as according to the FF+ policy, people who cannot pay for those services, will not receive them.

These are just a few of the misleading, vague and incorrect statements quoted in the article. Be very wary of casting a vote for a particular party, based on an article that is less than truthful.

Where the DA governs, it governs well.

Every year the Cape Province and the Midvaal municipality deliver better, more efficient services.

The DA have a proven track record. Lend us your vote for the next 5 years so that we can improve your services too!

Lets not split the vote in Kouga and suffer through another 5 years of corruption, lack of service delivery and a declining job market.


2 Responses to “Lets stick to the facts – 2016 Election is all about service delivery”

  1. Proud Kallit Says:

    Please don’t confuse our honored voters. Like you implied and then contradicted yourselves as is an annoying tendency with you guys,the people of kouga can see through any farce.Please tell the people of kouga why Mr Eugene Goliath decided to leave your party. I’ll answer for you. Its due to your blatant racism within your party.As a party,your integrity are really just not alive anymore if ever. In ward 4 and 5,nothing has been done by your ward councillors or shall I say,ward clowns? Not even one ward community meeting in all of 5 years within those two coloured wards which are DA-run. Why not? Simply because its coloured wards. Now you might imply that Im making racist remarks when Im saying this but I rather see it as realism. Your ward clowns were asked at numerous times to please comply to the mandate of the people but they (especially Fred Campher) had this stuck-record response that the ANC holds the monetary power which they refuse to extend to these two wards as they are DA-run. Utter crap! If the ruling party does that,there are certain avenues and protocols in place to deal with situations like that! And surely the ANC can’t prevent a ward councillor to hold community meetings within his ward,informing the people of the actions of the people. Also,why does that crime only extend to the coloured DA wards but not to the white DA wards? Again,because its coloured wards.I also happen to know that old Freddie Campher really wants to make a change in his ward but he is sorely being handicapped by your white-run caucus. The scenario for the next five years in kouga are surely bleak ones for the coloureds if you should take over. Why don’t you state the DA policies that you intend to implement in kouga in the unlikely event that you take charge in the region? Are you scared to lose potential voters if you do so? Keep to the facts please. Our coloured people are gatvol of being oppressed and marginalized and of being used by parties like yourselves to gain votes to elevate yourselves. Yours are an Arrogant,self-serving race who will really stop at no filthy ploy to regain or retain power.you will blatantly trample on the heads of our people to reach the heights you so fervently desire.Your policy is to keep the coloureds hungry and destitute so that you,the bosses won’t lose your workforce. We the coloureds are to you just mere tools to gain the ultimate white goal…power. Its safe to say that that is the ANC’s tendency also. So in many ways you two are the same. Just so many fleas and lice hanging unto the dog. After many a prayer and tears, an alternative has arrived in the Kouga and elsewhere all over the country. A force that will emancipate our people from this state of poverty and degradation. To lift the age-old curse off our people.the curse that has left our people robbed of our inherent dignity. We will finally be restored as a proud nation. Please do not attempt to stand in our way to socio-economic freedom. To our march towards clean,crime-free and prosperous communities. We are at war with any race or political party who will strive to keep our people in captivity. A real abomination from both you and your fellow criminals,the ANC,is that you are using coloured people as weapons to Mislead our masses. Please relay our message to them. We know who they are and they’ll be fair game if they won’t stop doing your dirty work. Oh and please tell your volunteers to stop selling your t-shirts for R10 to our people. Remember what happened to Zille in Eersterust? Don’t let us do the same here.

  2. Elza van Lingen Says:

    Out of the top 10 municipalities in the country, 9 are DA-led. Businesses invest in DA governed municipalities, simply because they are governed well.
    The City of Cape Town has, in Q1 of 2016, created 4000 new jobs and reduced unemployment to 21,1%, the lowest of any metro in the country.
    The unfortunate part is that unemployment in the Eastern Cape increased to above 37% in the broader sense. In the rural areas unemployment is as high as 50%.
    In Midvaal, a DA governed municipality in an ANC governed province, the unemployment rate is down to 12%. Why? Simply because it is governed well.
    The DA will deliver services in all the wards for 5 years and not just at election time as the ANC is doing right now, who has not delivered services in its own ANC wards. It also deliberately delivered extremely poor services in the DA wards for the past 5 years.
    Proper service delivery, maintaining our infrastructure and tidying up our towns, will bring investment, which will create the much needed jobs and that will restore the dignity of our people. Not empty promises before yet another election and another 5 years of no delivery!
    The author of the above statement is out on a racist and a bitter “divide and rule” mission. Please do not think you speak for the people of Kouga. Only a DA government can save Kouga from this economic cliff of complete destruction and disaster!

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