Water For Votes Scandal: DA requests urgent investigation

The DA will request an investigation into allegations that the ANC administration in Pietermaritzburg deliberately cut off the water supply so they could roll out water tankers to make it appear as though they are a responsive government which delivers services.

mmusi believe in tomorrow

This abusive conduct manipulates the most vulnerable people in South Africa.

Again, the ANC has been revealed as an organization that governs like black lives do not matter.

This is also flagrant abuse of the constitutionally guaranteed right to access to water and we contend that this amounts to a gross abuse of state resources.

This is just the latest example of how the ANC has changed. The ANC is more interested in capturing state resources than looking after vulnerable communities.

It is clear that the ANC would rather further inconvenience the poor, who are riddled with joblessness, rising food prices and the worst recorded drought in over a century, by depriving them of water before swooping in to “save the day”.

On August 3, South Africans have a chance to vote for change by voting for a party that will ensure proper service delivery and ensure the protection of the poor and vulnerable.

This is the change that will move South Africa forward again.


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