How can I apply for a Special Vote in the 2016 Elections

Who can apply for a Special Vote?

By law, you can apply for a special vote if you:

  • can’t travel to your voting station because you are physically infirm, disabled or pregnant, or
  • can’t vote at your voting station on election day, but can do so on the predetermined special voting days.

The DA team in Aston Bay

There 3 ways of applying for Special Votes – by SMS, Online application or through the submission of the duly completed MEC 35 form:

SMS Applications

A voter can apply for a Special Vote by using the sms number 32249.

Once they have applied for the Special Vote, they will receive an sms back to alert them that they have been approved for a special vote.

That sms would then be the proof that the voter has actually been approved for a Special Vote.

SMS applications are only for Voting Station Visits and not for Home Visits i.e to vote on the 1 or 2 August.

Online Applications 

Can be done by visiting and completing the relevant information online.

The process will require the person to indicate their preference of either sms or email to receive confirmation of their special vote application.

We encourage the use of email wherever possible because it lends itself to printing out the approval certificate.

This certificate may be required in exceptional cases at voting stations during special voting days if the applicant does not appear on the voters roll.

MEC 35 form

Submission of a duly completed MEC 35 form to a local IEC Office.

The DA can assist with the completion of the document, but has to be signed by the voter themselves and the DA can take the forms to the IEC on behalf of the voter.


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