SABC capitulates and finally agrees to air DA election adverts

The DA is pleased that the SABC has finally agreed to flight the DA’s election adverts, having used every trick in the book to delay their airing for more than 5 days.

mmusi banner 1

This is an important victory, which we hope will dissuade the public broadcaster from attempting to censor opposition political parties again.

Given that the SABC has agreed to air the DA’s election adverts, we have placed our complaint with ICASA on hold.

This does not mean the complaint has been dropped completely, and should the SABC use any other means to delay the airing of the advert, we will revive the complaint immediately.

We reiterate again that should the adverts be delayed any further we reserve our rights to revive our complaint with ICASA.

We will not stand by and allow censorship to prevent South Africans from hearing our offer of change.

This is the change that will stop corruption, deliver better services and create jobs.


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