Where the DA governs – we govern well

Yesterday the Auditor General released his report into municipal management for 2014/15.

nelson mandela

This report again confirmed that DA governments are the best run in South Africa.

According to the Auditor General, the DA-run Western Cape has the highest proportion of municipalities with clean audits with 73%.

This means that our governments spend every cent properly.

We do not waste or steal the people’s money – we make sure we spend it on the people: to create jobs and deliver better services.

According to the AG, only 33% of municipalities in ANC-run Gauteng received clean audits.

In total one in four municipalities are not financially viable.

This means that ANC municipalities cannot deliver the services that people need, or create the jobs that will lift unemployed South Africans out of poverty.

The main cause of this poor governance record is that tenders are awarded to ANC councillors, their friends and family members.

This is not only unfair but it steals opportunities from those most in need.

The ANC, like Jacob Zuma, only care about putting themselves and their friends first.

They don’t care about the 8.9 million jobless South Africans.

It is time to stop this waste of money and corruption and to ensure that the people of South Africa come first.

On 3 August 2016, vote DA for CHANGE that will stop corruption, deliver better services and create jobs.

Where we govern, we are making progress.

We know that there is still much more to do, our record shows that we are bringing positive CHANGE to people’s lives.


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