Lets turn Kouga blue

Today marks the 9 week countdown until the most important election in South African history and each and every one of you will be playing a vital role in the success of this election.

mmusi freedom

One of the most powerful ways for us to show our force to this nation is by standing together and painting it as BLUE as possible.

Today will be our second BLUE Wednesday leading up to Election Day on Wednesday, 3 August 2016.

We would like to strongly encourage you to make every corner of Kouga as BLUE as possible every Wednesday leading up to this year’s Local Government Election.

Motivating voters and spreading the DA’s message in volume and over time. Spread the word, excite your family, friends and ANY- and EVERYBODY you know!

We would like to encourage every single DA public representative, staff member, activist and supporter to wear blue on Wednesdays and literally “paint the Kouga blue”.

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