Vote DA for CHANGE that creates jobs, delivers better services and stops corruption

With the elections having now been proclaimed, the DA’s election campaign to bring real CHANGE to South Africa has officially kicked off.

da logo

This is the most important election campaign since 1994. South Africa is at a cross-roads. It is either more of the same under the ANC – rampant corruption, high levels of unemployment and poor quality services – or the real change that DA governments will bring to move South Africa forward again.

This is change that will create jobs, deliver better services and stop corruption.

DA governments will be honest. Yes will mean yes, and no will mean no. If we can’t do something for you, we will tell you why and provide alternative solutions.

We will not break our promises.

Where we already govern, we are making progress. There is still much more to do. Our governments are bringing real and positive change to the lives of people around the country.

The DA doesn’t just want to bring about change for the sake of it. We are guided by our love for South Africa and our commitment to the principles of Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity for all South Africans.

This commitment to delivering a better future for all South Africans must guide us in this election campaign, and
how we communicate to voters.

We have every reason to be positive about the future because under a DA government we will move South Africa forward again and deliver on the vision of a united and prosperous country – one nation, with with one future.


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