Meet Mmusi Maimane in Humansdorp on Monday

The leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA), Mmusi Maimane, will hold a street meeting in Humansdorp this Monday.

mmusi gerald prinsloo

Maimane will be at The Point in Arcadia from 13:00 to 14:00. He will be joined by DA Mayoral candidates Elza van Lingen (Kouga) and Athol Trollip (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan).

“We are very excited that Maimane and Trollip will be joining us in Humansdorp. We invite all our supporters to come and meet the DA leaders and hear what their vision is for a South Africa and a Kouga under DA governance,” says Van Lingen.

The municipal election will be held on August 3 and will determine who will govern Kouga for the next five years.

At present the ANC control the Council with 15 seats, with the DA being the official opposition with 14 seats.

For more information, contact the DA office at 042 295 1851.


One Response to “Meet Mmusi Maimane in Humansdorp on Monday”

  1. Solomzi Says:

    Why does the DA have to resort to a black window-display like ol mmusi? This time,we are doing what our ancestors demand. We will defeat the white colonialists at the polling station and even your front-barker,ol Julius malema won’t stop us. Racism will never leave you and me,my bra. Its part of how you and me are those coloured bras,hau! Those gents are the main men. Without them,the vote is lost,mlungu. Let us make a pact. You give me the western cape,I give you Zimbabwe.first of all,we will get rid of that spin doctor or is it a turn-coat that you call the mayor of the city of cape town. Yes you guessed it, Ol patty de lille. Elza van lingen is also just a sad old wannabe. She is so far outdated that the place where her sell-by was stamped on has long since disintegrated. She and that old fart with the woman name,ol athol troll-op,are the prototype racists.let me put you on a guilt trip,hoping you got enough energy cos its gonna be excruciating.the only time that any white person will ever even pretend to like a black person,is when he is proving to be an asset but the moment,that brother lose that status,you will retract your tentacles faster than the speed of a fart. See? That’s why a real black man will never vote for a white shrimp like old elza. Better you give us the vote now,then we give you the vote of 2019. :p viva the African national congress viva!

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