DA’s victory shows that we are committed to stopping corruption

The North Gauteng High Court has set aside the decision by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to discontinue prosecuting President Jacob Zuma for the 783 charges of fraud, corruption and money-laundering just prior to being elected ANC president.

mmusi vote for change

This finding by the court is an overwhelming victory for the Rule of Law, and the NPA must now immediately continue with the 783 charges of corruption so that President Zuma can finally have his day in court.

As Mmusi said yesterday:

“Despite it being an absolute outrage that President Zuma has, for almost six years, used taxpayer’s money to bankroll his opposition to the release of the Spy Tapes, he will be held to account as the law and due process demand.

President Zuma must finally come to the realisation that he is not above the law. The NPA must, to regain respect of the people, act expeditiously and continue with the 783 charges of fraud, corruption and money-laundering against Jacob Zuma”

The DA has been fighting for more than 7 years to have the decision not to prosecute Jacob Zuma set aside. This is because we want to ensure that every person, no matter how powerful, is equal before the law.

This case also shows that the DA is committed to stopping corruption. This year South Africans can bring about the change that is needed to stop corruption in their municipality by voting for the DA.

This is the change that will move South Africa forward again.


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