Vote for a Freedom you can use

Where the DA governs, there is better service delivery, more jobs are created and there is less corruption!

Here are the highlights of the DA Municipal Election Manifesto. Change is coming to Kouga!

1. Creating more opportunities and jobs

 Investing in infrastructure led growth that provides an environment conducive to private sector investment that creates jobs.
 Creating a comprehensive Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP), which fairly benefits all recipients.
 Establish Local Economic Development (LED) one-stop-shops to provide information on investment opportunities to drive and promote job creating investment.
 Ensuring that municipal officials prioritise all applications relating to job creating investments.
 Working with local small and micro enterprises, business chambers and regional economic development agencies to promote local businesses regionally and nationally.

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 Implementing bus and taxi transport systems where they are most needed
 Working with the private and non-profit sectors to ensure that a range of housing opportunities are available for different income levels (including GAP housing).
 Speeding up the delivery of title deeds to state-subsidised housing so that recipients have legal ownership of their homes
 Using government infrastructure to connect disadvantaged communities to the internet, by using municipal facilities such as public libraries and clinics to create Wi-Fi hotspot hubs.
 Partnering with the private and non-profit sectors to provide capped free data at universal hotspot in municipal buildings and other government facilities, allowing all residents to access the internet.

2. Making local government responsive

 Attracting the next generation of fit-for-purpose municipal officials through graduate recruitment programmes.
 Working with provincial governments to increase access to drug and alcohol addiction treatment programmes to increase access to treatment options available.
 Establishing a customer service improvement programme, including resident satisfaction surveys and measures to reduce the time taken to process and approve municipal applications.
 Ensuring that councillors hold regular meetings where residents and other stakeholders can raise concerns and ideas on municipal issues.

3. Providing better service delivery

 Fixing potholes and maintaining all municipal roads
 Providing access to electricity, potable water and sanitation
 Upgrading informal settlements
 Weekly refuse collection from formal and informal areas
 Prioritising the regular maintenance and refurbishment of municipal infrastructure

4. Stopping corruption

 Establishing an effective system to process complaints and to report corruption.
 Appointing all government staff fairly, based on the value that they add.
 Excluding councillors and other public representatives from the EPWP recruitment.
 Opening up the tender process at the adjudication stage
 Opening up Council meetings

5. Providing meaningful redress

 Establishing and maintaining inclusive community amenities and spaces.
 Connecting people from diverse backgrounds through efficient, affordable, safe and reliable public transport.
 Ensuring that urban planning and zoning considers the integration of different communities and income levels.

6. Making communities safer

 Developing specialist crime prevention units in metros to focus on specific priority crimes like gangsterism and drugs.
 Prioritising the establishment of municipal law enforcement services for traffic policing and crime prevention.

Our promise and offer is simple. Where we govern, we want to build on the progress we have already made.

Where we do not govern yet, we want to bring the change to your city or town that will:

 Stop corruption
 Create jobs
 Deliver better services


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