South Africa needs change to move forward

South Africa is at a cross roads. We are facing unprecedented economic and social challenges and our democratic institutions are under threat as evidenced by the recent Constitutional Court ruling that shows that President Zuma and the ANC have placed themselves first and South Africans last.

mmusi believe in tomorrow

At the same time many of our country’s communities are still plagued by corruption, poor service delivery and widespread unemployment. This means that this year’s election is perhaps the most important since the dawn of our democratic dispensation in 1994.

Corruption has unfortunately become common place in the majority of our country’s local governments and is impeding even basic service delivery for millions of South Africans. What we need now, is bold and decisive leadership that can bring change that stops corruption, creates jobs and provides better services for all.

That the President yesterday did not own up and take responsibility for his hand in the almost 20-year Arms Deal debacle shows that he will put himself above the people of the Republic and their basic needs.

Despite President Jacob Zuma’s claims that the ANC has a concrete plan for local government – when interrogating the ANC’s local government manifesto, it is clear that no such plan exists.

In reality, this complete lack of plan for good local governance in our country shows that the ANC can only offer five more years of the unemployment, failing municipal services and rampant corruption. The ANC has changed, it is no longer a party for the people; it is a party for the politically connected few.

South Africans therefore have a choice. To continue in the wrong direction that the ANC has set South Africa on, with corruption, joblessness and inadequate services; or to vote DA to bring about real change that will move our country forward again.

The DA has developed a clear programme of action that can create jobs, stop corruption and deliver quality services. This is borne out of our experience in government, where we recognised across of a range of indicators as being the best governments in SA. Where we govern we are making progress and delivering the change people need.

Athol Trollip

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