Vote DA for CHANGE that will move South Africa forward again

The ANC has changed. It is no longer the party of Nelson Mandela.

nelson mandela

Unemployment is rising, corruption that steals from the poor is rampant, and many people are denied the services they need to live a life of dignity.

The DA’s offer is simple. We want to bring CHANGE that will get South Africa moving forward again.

This is change that creates more jobs, deliver better services to all our people, and stops corruption from taking place.

This is because we love South Africa and we want all our people, especially those stuck in poverty, to live a better life.

The DA is for all South Africans and we deliver to all South Africans, where we govern.

The DA is the most diverse political party in South Africa. We represent all South Africans who share our value of One Nation, One Future built on freedom, fairness and opportunity.

The DA firmly supports the provision of social grants. We believe that the state should provide a social safety net to protect vulnerable South Africans from extreme poverty and hunger. Social grants must help lift people out of poverty.

The DA will continue to distribute social grants when we are in national government. We will continue to pay social grants to help the poor.

The DA will make job creation the top priority wherever we govern. For those who are able to work, a job is the best way to support your family and is a ladder out of poverty.

The DA does not believe that current social grants are sufficient. In his budget speech in February, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan announced modest increases to social grants.

These are, however, completely inadequate to offset the drastic increase in food prices. The DA will promote a significant increase in social grants during the mid-term budget adjustments to mitigate the effects of rising food inflation on the poor.

Creating jobs is the best way to lift our people out of poverty. Social grants currently benefit children, people with disabilities, the aged, and war veterans.

However, social grants currently provide no support to adults who do not have children, who have never been employed or who have been unemployed for long periods of time.

To support adult South Africans who are actively seeking employment, the DA will:

 Use the Youth Wage Subsidy to help young work-seekers gain valuable job experience;

 Help young people to fund further studies or to start a small business through an Opportunity Voucher Scheme;

 Provide job-seekers with integrated support services at Opportunity Centres across the country; and

 The DA will make Expanded Public Works Programmes (EPWP) opportunities available to more South Africans.

More people should be able to work and earn money to support themselves and their families.

Nevertheless, the DA recognises that vulnerable South Africans who are unable to work should have a social safety net to prevent them from slipping into extreme poverty.


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