Become involved and help grow the DA

We have launched our Volunteer/Activist App to make it easier for our supporters to become involved with the DA –

activist app

This online tool will empower DA members and activists on the ground to get involved and volunteer to help advance the DA’s cause ahead of this year’s Local Government Elections.

Some of the ways you can currently use this dashboard to win votes include:

• Learn about the party and become an expert about the DA.
• Become a DA Champion on social media.
• Check the voter registration status of family and friends.
• Follow the latest news about the party.
• Raise money for the DA.
• Sign up to receive DA newsletters.
• Recruit new activists.

In your community, you can use this App to knock on people’s doors to ask for their support, host house meetings and volunteer to help on Election Day.

From the dashboard, you can complete a number of actions, and as you go, the App will monitor your progress to help you move through the ranks of activism – taking you from humble beginner to activist superstar.

Sign-up by visiting

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