Voters are urged to check their information on voters roll

More discrepancies in the voters roll have surfaced as the final day of the last registration weekend takes place today.

The DA team in Aston Bay

The DA team in Aston Bay

Many voters have reported that their addresses are no longer on the voters roll and they had to re-register.

“I have been voting in St Francis Bay for the past 16 years, but my address had disappeared from the voters roll,” said DA Mayoral candidate Elza Van Lingen.

“Others, like residents in St Francis Bay have been registered as living in St Francis Links, while numerous voters from Ward 8 (Wavecrest, Jeffreys Bay) who registered during the previous registration weekend, are still not on the voters roll” added Van Lingen.

Voters are urged to visit their voting stations today to make sure they are correctly registered.

The election date for the Municipal elections are the 3 August.

Voters can also visit the IEC office in Humansdorp to update their information on the voters roll.

Once the date of the election has been promulgated in the Government Gazette, the voters roll will be closed and no more registrations will be allowed.


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