Zuma is more important than the Constitution says the ANC

Yesterday, 233 MP’s that represent YOU, voted AGAINST the impeachment of President Zuma and AGAINST the Constitution.

today the anc

It is now clear that for the ANC, Jacob Zuma comes first, and the people of South Africa and the Constitution come last.

YOU hold the power. Vote for CHANGE!

The judgment handed down by Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng should have been enough to secure President Zuma’s fate.

When the highest court in the land ruled that the man occupying the highest office violated the Constitution, it should have been the end of President Zuma.

Because the Constitutional Court judgment removes any doubt that the President has forsaken his oath of office.

On Friday evening, the 1st of April, South Africans across the land dismissed President Zuma’s hollow apology with contempt. Today, the anger in our country remains palpable.

The people of this country don’t like being taken for fools. And that is what President Zuma and Gwede Mantashe did on Friday night.

They told us that all the years of lies and evasion were just a misunderstanding.

They said that the President was badly advised.

They said that he was always going to comply with the Public Protector’s report.

Basically, they said, it’s no big deal.

South Africans know that our nation can be so much better than this.

We can have a government that respects the law, takes its oath of office seriously, defends the Constitution, and serves the people.

We can have a government that respects the people’s power to elect it, and remove it.

We can have a party in government that believes that, when a President breaks the law, he is no longer fit to be President.

And with this government comes a commitment to creating jobs, to cutting corruption and to delivering basic services for all.

This year – whether it is in Nelson Mandela Bay, or Tshwane, or Johannesburg or in Kouga – voters have a chance to make a change.


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