Zuma violated the Constitution

The statement yesterday evening by the President shows clearly that he has no idea what the Constitution requires of him or how South Africans view him.
impeach zuma

He has on numerous occasions and in many forums ducked and dived to evade his obligations to uphold the Constitution and the law. He is simply not worthy of the office entrusted to him.

To say that he acted “in good faith”, and that it has all been a misunderstanding based on a “different approach”, insults our intelligence and belittles the sacrifices made by so many to establish our freedom.

It is clear too that the ANC cannot be relied upon to do the right thing. They have blindly and shamefully protected him from the consequences of his corruption. How far has President Zuma and the ANC of today strayed from the path set by Nelson Mandela.

Jacob Zuma is the cancer at the heart of South African politics; he is not capable of honourable conduct, and cannot continue to be President of our country.

The DA will move ahead with our motion to impeach the President. A motion of impeachment is distinct from a vote of no confidence. That is why the Constitution differentiates between the two, and why impeachment requires a “serious violation of the Constitution or the law”, which is exactly what the Constitutional Court found.

The DA calls on those ANC Members of Parliament who still value their oaths to uphold the Constitution to support the Motion of Impeachment. Zuma and the Constitution cannot coexist.

We will continue to use all available democratic and constitutional avenues to ensure that Zuma no longer occupies the Presidency.

Nkandla represents the worst in rampant corruption, but it is but one example. Everywhere in South Africa, corruption is robbing the poorest of the poor of decent services and of the opportunity to get jobs.

We need change, and we need it now. South Africans from across the country, in every city, in every town, on every farm, in every village, must use the power they have to vote for change that will bring jobs, and services, and stop corruption. They will have that opportunity later in the year, during the municipal election.

Zuma will not change. The ANC will not change. But South Africans can change the government they have by voting for the better South Africa we all dream of.


2 Responses to “Zuma violated the Constitution”

  1. Russell Komlosy Says:

    As the man in charge of SA, Zuma has set a precedent by violating the constitution and not stepping down? WHY should any South African bother to abide by the constitution, or should we rather not stoop that low?
    Mr. Zuma, for the sake of All South Africans – Step down, you have overstayed your welcome!

  2. Lenise Abrahams Says:

    We need to continue with the world bank investigation as well. We need to keep the pressure on from all sides to force Jacob Zuma to step down. The DA needs to be more visual in the streets. Especially in the rural areas. The ANC relies on the mass of the uneducated voters for their votes. Time for the DA to step up and take charge.

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