ANC taking South Africans for granted – Maimane

The ANC has taken South Africans for granted, DA leader, Mmusi Maimane said on Monday .

mmusi freedom

Speaking at a DA event in Sharpville, held in commemoration of 69 residents who were gunned down by apartheid police in 1960, Maimane said the ANC’s agenda was to protect Zuma, not the country.

“When the president can stand and say the ANC is above South Africa, we must know our freedom can no longer be taken for granted,”¬† said Maimane.

Addressing around 200 DA leaders in the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Sharpville, Maimane said they had tried to question why the ruling party continued to be in defence of President Jacob Zuma instead of the nation.

“When you ask them why you are protecting Zuma, they say Maimane you must get out Parliament,” said Maimane.

It was a tragedy that a party that had fought for human rights had since become about one person.

“A movement led by Mandela has been reduced to protect one person,” said Maimane, adding that this had led to the protection of Sudan’s Al-Bashir who was wanted in connection with war crimes as well as the Gupta family.

The Gupta family which owns The New Age newspaper and news station ANN7 is said to have strong ties with Zuma and other members of government.

Last week, several government officials claimed that the Gupta family had offered them ministerial jobs in exchange for favours.

Maimane said this was the time for the country to implement change in governance.

News 24


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