The DA Delivers: Most potholes fixed, roads upgraded

Maintaining and upgrading our national and municipal road network is important to all South Africans as it forms the backbone of our transportation infrastructure.

Ocean view road

A road in Ocean View

A modern road network is not only important for economic growth and development, but is used by millions of ordinary South Africans to travel to work and school on a daily basis.

That is why in Western Cape, the DA government has been working hard to make progress in providing all citizens with a well-maintained road network that can meet the demands of a growing population.

This is evidenced by a reply to a parliamentary question received this week. The reply reveals that in 2014/15 the DA-run City of Cape Town spent more money on road upgrades than any other metro – a total of R3 billion, fifty times more than ANC-run Johannesburg.

Cape Town also repaired more potholes than any other metro – 550 000 square meters in total, 15 times more than Nelson Mandela Bay.

Furthermore, out of 19 DA municipalities polled, 16 of them had a turnaround time of less than a week to repair potholes.

The best turnaround times were recorded by the City of Cape Town and Hantam, who on average repaired potholes in less than 24 hours.

A Jeffreys Bay road. Its time for change in Kouga

A Jeffreys Bay road. Its time for change in Kouga

This is in stark contrast to the Kouga Municipality where potholes abound in Jeffreys Bay and St Francis Bay, while roads in suburbs like Ocean View and Kruisfontein are no go zones when it rains.

Once again it is the poorer communities that are suffering disproportionally as a result the ANC’s incompetence and mismanagement.

In the upcoming local government elections the DA will be fighting hard to win Kouga, where we seek to extend our brand of accountable governance that cuts corruption and creates jobs.

Wherever we govern we will continue to strive to make progress toward improving the lives of all citizens, providing them with the roads and infrastructure they deserve.


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