How to register / re-register for the 2016 Municipal Elections

The IEC has urged voters to visit their voting stations this weekend and make sure their addresses are on the voters roll.

By-elections across South Africa have been cancelled this week due to concerns with the lack of voter information on the voters roll.

Voters do not have to take proof of address with them to register.

Step 1: Find your closest voting station by searching on the elections page with either your physical address, GPS coordinate or town’s name.

06 May 2014, Alexandra, Johannesburg, South Africa --- Alexandra, South Africa. 6th May 2014 -- The polling station set up inside a school in Alexandra, Johannesburg. -- A special vote allows a registered voter to apply to vote on a predetermined day before election day. There are two categories of special votes home visits and special voting at a registered voting station. Thousands cast their ballots. --- Image by © Antonella Ragazzoni/Demotix/Corbis

Image by © Antonella Ragazzoni/Demotix/Corbis

Step 2: Once you know where your voting station is, head there on either the 9th or 10th of April between 8h00 and 17h00.

Step 3: Make sure you remember to bring your RSA ID with you – driver’s licence and passports are not allowed.

Step 4: Fill in an application form which will be issued to you at the voting station.

Step 5: Lastly, scan your ID.

Done! You are registered.

Why these elections are important for you:

Municipal elections affect your access to basic services such as water, electricity or sanitation in the Kouga for the next five years.

Registering and casting your vote has the power to change the service delivery obstacles crippling your local community.


3 Responses to “How to register / re-register for the 2016 Municipal Elections”

  1. Japie Bosch Says:

    Raadslede ‘onsigbaar’ vir kiesers, wys peiling (Beeld, 4 Maart 2016)

    “Ons sal hulle sien wanneer dit verkiesingstyd is.”

    Dit is die reaksie wat Markdata van die meerderheid van respondente gekry het in ’n peiling oor lede van plaaslike rade.

    66% van die 2 500 respondente het gesê hulle het nie toegang tot hul raadslede nie.

    72% het gesê hul raadslede het niks in die afgelope jaar gedoen om omstandighede in hul wyk te verbeter nie.

    Die bevindings is in die jongste uitgawe van Good Governance Africa se Africa in Fact gepubliseer.

    Volgens die peiling meen die meeste Suid-Afrikaners hul raadslede gee net in die laaste maande voor ’n munisipale verkiesing aandag aan hulle.

    “Die peiling bewys nie dat die raadslede nie hul take verrig nie, maar eerder dat wat hulle doen nie sigbaar is vir die inwoners van hul kiesdistrikte nie,” lui Markdata se samevatting.

    Sowat ’n derde van die respondente het wel ’n positiewe beeld van hul raadslede en die werk wat hulle doen.

    16% het gesê hulle sien wel verbeteringe in dienslewering en 11% het gesê hul raadslede probeer minstens om hul omstandighede te verbeter.

  2. D. Barnard Says:

    Sal daar n verlenging van die registrasietyd wees soos vorige kere ? Kon nie by my lokaal uitkom die nawek niet.

  3. Cole Riccardi Says:

    In California, the deadline to register to vote for any election is 15 days before Election Day, so please register early!

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